Sunday, February 8, 2009

color experiment

I decided to play with the layer functions in Photoshop. I feel as though I'm obsessed with textures now. I never really know what I want to draw. I usually draw girls, I'll have to practice drawing guys. I usually don't like drawing hands, but I felt as though I could experiment with them in some sort of disjointed space. I want to sample other drawing styles too, and I lost my old sketch book, maybe I'm lamenting that just a tad too much. The turtle kinda represents my childhood toy, Twittle, who I have in my apartment and still plays "It's a Small World After All." I've felt at a sort of creative impasse lately. I need to get sketching more often and play around and watch tutorials. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of a good tutorial that shows you how to get a good water color effect in Photoshop, let me know!

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